• What does the perfect customer journey look like?

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    Drastic brand revamps tend to create a lot of noise. But should you really care about the consumers first reaction?

  • How do you get a digital initiative launched within a large organisation?

  • Keeping the ropes tight with a strict and defensive leadership style, really is the worst way to embrace innovation.

  • Why traveling can make you a better marketeer.

Your perfect customer journey is based on balanced expectations

Fake news has been a hot topic with the recent US presidential elections and several European elections coming up. It’s the perfect example of how clickbait is used to drive traffic. But what’s in it for the users? Fairly little actually. Best case scenario? They waste their time clicking on a link that wasn’t worth visiting. The worst case scenario is that they assume the story is true and share it with their friends. But what’s in it for the publisher? A bit more, given that the …

Can a brand successfully change its image?

I was just running the app updates on my smartphone, minding my own business, and suddenly there it was.. This new, weird looking icon was looking at me and I didn’t recognise. Do I panic!?

-99% of the consumers

With every radical brand revamp there’s a majority of people struggling with the change. Adjusting to change is difficult, I know. But where does a redesign like this come from? Obviously a logo is not just an app icon you tap everyday, it reflects the identity of a brand and in extent the company.

A brand …

3 Key Questions Launching a Digital Initiative

Working in a large corporation puts things in perspective in terms of processes, procedures and governance. Where are the days of working in ‘startup-mode’, doing cool things on the fly at the cusp of agility? I like to compare it with my love for flying and aviation. Would I have made some different choices before going to study, I might have blogged about a crosswind approach at the runway of Madeira.

Former aspirations aside, the startup/lean way of realising an initiative is something I like to compare with flying a light sport aircraft, being easily …

Digital Natives and Traditional Marketing Working Together

I doubt I have to brief you on the disrupting changes that have not only affect most company’s business models, but their marketing strategy as well. Digital has become a key priority for all top consultancy firms and I had the opportunity to help some of my clients discover its power.

Being as disruptive as it is, there is a fair share of change management involved as well. Managers and employees are forced to shift their way of thinking, away from traditional marketing activities. …

Instant Messaging for Customer Service

Customers want to get in touch with you brand, faster and on a more personal level – for whatever reason. Either it’s a bank’s customer service about your card, or a local restaurant to reserve a table for tonight. Often they still pick up the phone to get it done quickly, but what could be a suitable alternative?

Online Customer Service

Some company’s took live customer service to their website by offering live-chat functionality. It’s an effective way to quickly get in touch with customer service and my experiences have been fairly positive. Apart from one …

Traveling will make you a better marketeer

There are different kinds of holidays and trips. There’s the all-inclusive Bahamas holiday where you travel to a nice sunny place and get some peace and quiet in an all inclusive beach resort. These holidays can be perfect to relieve stress and get away from the hectic world we work and live in.

Then there is also the kind of holiday where you grab a backpack and travel to a faraway part of the world. About one year ago I took the plunge and booked a return ticket to Asia to start a solo backpacking adventure. Probably the best decision I had made in quite a while. It brought me …

Four areas to focus on in Digital Marketing for 2014

We’re heading towards Christmas, which is (for most) people associated with joyful memories of snow, presents, family diners and eggnog. Unfortunately not for marketers, for us it’s all about the Q4 activities. Think of campaigns to reach End-of-Year targets, optimizations for Christmas shopping and finalizing the campaign plan for next year. While it’s a busy period I will try to offer some support in looking at digital marketing for 2014 as to what I expect will be the areas to focus …

Behavioral targeting: Bringing offline Experience online

At the Adobe Summit I attended an inspiring session by John Watton, who had wrapped his session on behavioral targeting around a story of Bob the local wine salesman. Bob is a retailer who is very acquainted with his customers, which enables him to offer them the best service. The story immediately spoke to me, because it is one of those local shops you just love to visit because you know you will end up leaving with great products recommended to you by someone who knows what you …